Draumstafir augments do not work

Platform: Windows
ISP: Comcast
Type of Internet Connection: CATV
Internet Connection Speed: 15Mbps
Date & Time: Sept. 23, 2018 12:00 PM EST
Frequency: Reproducible
Character Name: Frod
Race: Taru
World: Asura
Main Job: Summoner, Lv.99 (Master)
Support Job: Rdm
Area and Coordinates: Any Zone
Party or Solo: Party with multiple members and trusts
NPC Name: None
Monster Name: None

The double attack augment is not normal double attack and has no effect on blood pacts.

the "chance of doubling 'blood pact' status +" augment does nothing. it does not affect ward buff potency or duration, or blood pact debuff potency or duration. It also has no discernible effect on blood pact damage, or any discernible effect on blood pact mana cost, recast, or casting speed.