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    Beastmaster Suggestions

    Hey all,

    Just figured I'd post some suggestions I had to make the Bst job more viable for end game groups and/or fun.

    Obviously all of these changes don't need to be incorporated, just whatever direction SE feels like taking BST, because as of right now there's really no need to bring a bst into a group over a summoner.

    First, I'd love them to remove the nerf to Ready range. Not because it effects how bad or good BST is, as its easy to weave in and out using Ready moves. Its just not fun to play with. Even if I melee with me pet, if I'm standing on the opposite side of a monster as my pet, I'm out of range. In very rare situations do I want to even be on the same side of my pet, as my pet is usually taking the hits. It doesn't have to be summoner range, but just an extended range would be nice. Its just an unfun mechanic to have to work around.

    Option 1: Meleeing with Pet

    I feel if SE wants BST to melee with their pet they need to give us a 119 version of Charmer's Merlin. Not using Charmer's merlin is a rather large DPS loss, meaning we have to swap weapons, which means we lose TP every ready move, making there no real reason to melee. The alternative would be a shield version of Charmer's Merlin. I'd prefer this option so we aren't required to sub Dancer or Ninja.

    We would also need a 119 version of Anwig Sallet and Desultor's Tassets. I think adding in quests to upgrade those two items to 119 variants would not only persuade people to do that content, but allow BST to melee more. Anwig is a very powerful item with 10% DT, but the risk to the BST prevents them from meleeing due to a rogue AoE. Desultor's Tassets is a swap in, but still having a 119 version, possibly adding additional augments would be nice.

    Add buffs to pets, similar to how Avatar's Fervor works. I believe adding a buffing aura to each 119 pet would make BST a more attractive option to bring to content, and persuade them to melee with their pet more. Have the buffs focused on melee stats. You have the option of making them permanent buffs, buffs only active while Familiar is active, or giving us a 3 minute duration, 5 minute recast ability that activates the buff.

    Option 2: AoE Tank

    Since Puppetmaster is the single target tank, beastmaster can become an AoE tank. They can't tank as effectively as puppetmaster, but they can tank multiple monsters.

    Add in a new 119 pet, an Adamantoise. The Adamantoise would have three abilities. An AoE damage that reduce enemy defense, and builds lots of threat. A defense boost ability and an ability that does AoE damage and weakens enemies attack. Perhaps even a damage shield added to him.

    Change Snarl so its AoE around the caster, and transfers threat of all targets around the caster to the pet. This will allow a bst to pull multiple targets and immediately transfer them to the pet.

    Option 3: Damage

    Well, since Unleash is outclassed by the Summoner SP, perhaps combining Heavy Artifice with Unleash. Allow Unleash to also activate a SP ability for the pet depending on their job, and give you unlimited Ready charges. Imagine a Mighty Strikes warrior pet spamming 3000 TP ready moves. I feel then Unleash will be of the same Caliber as Summoner's burst.

    New pets, perhaps some pets that can make darkness/light skillchain solo, or skillchain and magic burst to give us some more options.

    Give the frog pet a movement speed boosting aura.

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    Nice to meet you, sir. You must be new here, but SE hasn't released a Beastmaster updated in almost 3 years and everything with respect to the job is laughably, "working as intended".

    I agree with your sentiment that the ready distance nerf is NOT fun to play with. I won't even engage my monsters because I have to watch my logs for whether or not I'm within 7 yalms. It's incredibly annoying and not natural to the way the game is play with any other jobs.

    I hope you get a reply, because like you, I once cared very much about Beastmaster.

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    Bring back the original "Ready" move distance! If not, they need to reduce the distance on smns to the same as bst.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crusher View Post
    Bring back the original "Ready" move distance! If not, they need to reduce the distance on smns to the same as bst.
    Even expanding the current range a little more would make sense. Not being able to reward or ready a pet when fighting alongside it on the exact same [large] monster, to me, is a bug.

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    Hey Fiches!

    Thanx for the thread.

    I agree ready distance should be longer. Its just annoying, but I don't want to beat that dead horse anymore.

    Regarding AoE Tanking for pet. I've explored that option a bit, and we don't really need much to make that viable. You should know, that Snarl already affects AoE mobs. easy to test on bst/blu. go cast Blank Gaze or Soporific on a group of mobs then hit snarl. Viola. they all go to the pet.

    however as awesome as snarl is, there are some other mechanics that I feel should be corrected. I have submitted tickets for these already,and they are in the accepted bugs section.

    1. Self-buffing ready moves do not generate enmity. these are usually on the best tank pets also. Bubble Curtain, Zealous Snort, Scissor Guard, Wild Carrot, Rhino Guard, etc. None of them generate enmity on the pet. They all generate as much enmity as heel. maybe less. If this were changed, it would make them much better tanking options.

    2. Pet Enmity+ Gear is completely ineffective with snarl. So if you swap in a full Heyoka set + Rimeice/Domesticator earrings, and add in Izizoeksi and Primal belt, when you snarl, it does not increase the enmity you are shedding at all. That is if master has 100 enmity, onlyl 100 enmity is transfered to pet, not 160 enmity.

    Those 2 changes alone would mean bst could tank AoE for at least a pet party.

    a Bst could actually tank pretty well in a normal party as is also, but requires a whm.

    You pretty much need to /blu or /run for generating enmity. use beatific shield +1 or Adapa shield (depending if most threats are physical or magical)
    Then you face the mob head on and keep master pdt/mdt set on when mob is facing you, and swap to pet -dt gear when you snarl it to pet.

    An additional tool would be if we could actually cast charm, while we have a pet out. Chance of success would be 0% but it would make a very nice Enmity tool.

    Regarding Damage:

    Bst can actually deal pretty decent damage on master or pet. If you are both engaged you can keep up pretty well. There are 2 primary obstacles: 1. enfeebles. Any non-pet job only needs to erase an enfeeble once. An Engaged pet job needs to do it 2x. Pup rarely needs to engage, because the master is so weak, but even so eraser attachment mitigates this quite well. SMN almost never wants to engage. BST however can do best IF it can engage, but enfeebling makes it more likely to not want to. paralyze is death. you lose control of your pet for a huge amount of time to remove para from both master a pet. Para, amnesia, terror, are doubly crippling to bst than pretty much any other job.

    2nd is more directly about damage itself. Bst is actually incredibly powerful for anything lower level than you Easy test: go to ambuscade and compare bst performance on any level 113, 119, and higher content. BST scales down better than any other job. but it scales up worse. the pets power is fixed pretty much at the level. With NM content stretching up into the 150 range, Bst is at a huge disadvantage, because the pet stops scalling. Smn and pup got some pet level + gear buffs. Bst could benefit from this more than other pets.

    Finally you mentioned party support.
    I think you may not be aware of many of the very powerful party support tools bst has. Killer instinct is a fantastic party buff. Like other circle effects from pld, sam, drk, and drg. However it is more flexible as it can cover more mob types.

    Also, some of our pet debuffs are among the most powerful. Corrosive Ooze from bst is a -33% def down AND -33% Attack down. That is HUGE! and the accuracy is very good. that is the best Def down move outside Idris Geo. There are only a few def down moves that equal it, and they are usually more expensive to use. PLUS its a huge boon to the tank!.

    Purulent Ooze is MAX hp down 10%. Its been successfully used in MASTER TRIAL fight vs Omega/Ultima. thats about 500k damage to each right off the top.

    Pestilent Plume is 25% magic def down.

    bst has either light based or dark based dispels which can be spammed every 10s w/out mp.

    Wild Carrot is about 1300 hp Curaga every 20s. no mp use. It also cures the pet. and though we might want enmity on it, there currently is none.

    Palsy pollen and soporific from Presto Julio are incredibly potent crowd control enfeebles. even though its a lower level pet.

    TP Drainkiss is incredibly potent, even though its a lower level pet.

    The Slow effect of Filamented Hold is INCREDIBLY strong!

    These are all utility ready moves that can hugely benefit the party. People just don't pay attention on how and when to use them.

    There are more, but I think i've made my point.
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    My suggestion:

    Pet "Guard" ability.
    Requires 2 ready charges.
    Duration 60 seconds

    Damage inflicted on master will be redirected to pet instead.

    Basically BST's version of manawall. While active, any damage you receive would be inflicted on the pet instead. This ability would greatly reduce the need to run in and out of aoe range, making the incredibly short command distance less of an annoyance. Since it uses "Ready" charges it would encourage BST to melee to make up for the damage loss. With snarl and a sturdy pet, could also make BST tank more viable.
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