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    Einherjar with no mobs!

    Platform: Windows 10
    ISP: AT&T
    Type of Internet Connection: DSL
    Internet Connection Speed: 20 MBps
    Date & Time: 7/24/2018 & 1:38 pm EST
    Frequency: Once
    Character Name: Frostrike
    Race: Elvaan Male
    World: Leviathan
    Main Job: Blue Mage
    Support Job: Red Mage
    Area and Coordinates: Einherjar and Zone entrance to battlefield
    Party or Solo: Party
    NPC Name: None
    Monster Name: None
    1. Party leader confirmed Einherjar reservation and passed out glowing lamps for zone entry.
    2. After trading lamp to entry we experienced some form of lag.
    3. Performed Blue mage buffs (Erratic Flutter, Battery Charge, Diamond Hide, and Carcharian Verve).
    4. I myself and another player experienced more lag inside zone and found no mobs were present in zone. Our party leader did not experience any kind of lag.
    5. We noticed that none of us had the Einherjar status buff, however we still received warning notifications from the zone, and dropping the lamp exited us from the zone with a reward of 0 ampoules of viscous therion ichor.

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    Hello Frostrike,

    Thank you for posting about the issue you are having regarding no mobs in Einherjar, based on the information provided, we were unable to successfully investigate you concern. If you are still having this issue, please submit a new thread with it, so we may further investigate this issue for you.

    Thank you for your patience, and best wishes to you.
    FINAL FANTASY XI Game Master Team

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