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    Stuck on final Windhurst mission

    Around December 22nd, 2017, I was completing the final nation mission for Windhurst, titled "Moon Reading". During a cutscene in Heaven's Tower, I experienced a disconnection due to the power at my house being knocked out because of bad weather. when I was able to log back in I found that I was unable to complete the mission.

    1- Disconnected during a cutscene for the Windhurst mission "Moon Reading"
    2- Logged back on to find that the cutscene would not trigger again.
    3-backtracked through all the steps of the mission to see if I could pick it back up somewhere.
    4-attempted to abandon the mission.
    5-attempted to change allegiance to a different nation.
    6-Spoke to NPCs whose dialogue changes based on your status with the mission, such as Kupipi in Heaven's Tower. Her dialogue suggested that I had already completed the mission, as she referred to me as being rank 10.
    7-opened an in game ticket and was advised to make a post on the forums regarding the issue.
    8-At the time I had become frustrated with the whole ordeal and stepped away from Final Fantasy XI for a while.
    9-July 3rd I reactivated my account and attempted the same steps as before, retracing my steps through the mission, to no avail.
    10-Made a post on the forums, it was marked as inadequate information.
    11-called the customer service number for advise on how I should proceed.
    12-based on said advise, I'm now reposting in hopes of getting this issue resolved.

    Date & Time: December 22nd 2017, around 1:00 AM CST
    Frequency: Always
    Platform: PC
    PC HP Laptop
    OS: Windows 8
    Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6310
    ISP: Charter
    Type of Internet Connection: Optic Fiber

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    There is usually a glowing ??? target somewhere near where your cut scene or such occurs for just this occurrence. Click that ??? glowing spot and see if that helps move the mission. It was meant to help people that disconnect or such just like your happenstance. Hope it helps.