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To coincide with the July version update, Producer Akihiko Matsui hosted another Freshly Picked Vana'diel to go over some of the new content and discuss other topics pertinent to adventuring. The following is a digest of what was discussed.

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Hello, Matsui here.

Thank you for tuning into Freshly Picked Vana'diel 40.
Once again, we had our broadcast before the version update. We focused on the July version update details, as well as other information.

We've put together a digest and an archived video for those of you who were unable to join us for the broadcast, or simply want to recap on all the information.

Table of Contents
  • Version Update
    This segment of the show focused on the major aspects of the July version update.
    • Battle Content: Dynamis - Divergence
      We showed live gameplay of the new Wave 3. We used a special dev. command, so we don't get attacked while exploring and explaining the changes made to each of the Wave in Dynamis-Jueno (D).

      For Wave 1, made changes so that the time limit will now increase not only by vanquishing boss monsters but statues as well. This was something that was requested on our forums. Please note that the maximum time extension of 30 minutes haven't changed, so you won't be able to stay in Wave 1. The time extended from vanquishing statues will be added first, so we believe this should make it easier to collect materials from monsters.

      Players will now be able to obtain materials for new neck gear in Wave 1 and 2 from each of the Dynamis areas. During the broadcast, we showed some of the attributes on them. A red mage will have a new attribute called Dispel+1, and what this will do is remove two effects if there are two effects that can be removed with Dispel. We're planning to make it where you can attach augments to these gear in the future. Similar to the Oboro job-specific equipment, it'll be where you collect Reinforcement Points (RP) to upgrade. However, once you attach an augment, you will not be able to put the item up on auction house. We're planning to make it possible to attach augments in the September version update.

      In Wave 2, we changed it so that when you vanquish the boss monster, all the other monsters will disappear, so it should be easier to tell when it's moving into Wave 3.

      The strength of the boss monster in Wave 3 is close to those from the Master Trials, so we believe it'll be challenging. Objects are placed throughout the map, and by breaking these objects you can weaken the boss monster from Wave 3. We would like for you to actually try it out yourself to see how they'll be weakened.

      In addition to this, we prepared a new BGM for the boss battle; however, since the system was set up in a way where the music didn't change until you engaged the boss monster, so we changed it where the new BGM will play once Wave 3 begins in the July 10th server maintenance.

      We also introduced new weapons with new graphic designs. These can be crafted by synthesizing items collected from Wave 1, 2, and the new material obtained by exchanging Demon's Medal from Wave 3. New weapon designs are available for every job. During the broadcast, we showcased the weapons for scholar and rune fencer. In order to synthesize these weapons, you'll need to have the aurum tomes key item obtained at the final phase of the escutcheon.

      Since these are craftable items, these will have the Superior attribute on them. Normal quality and high quality will be Superior 4, and high quality 2 will have Superior 5. You'll need 1200 and 2100 Gift, and the Superior 5 equipment is aimed at job masters. During the show, to show an example of the stats, we showed monk and white mage's weapons.

      Augments will be able to be attached on these weapons. This is also planned for the September version update. Similar to the Oboro job-specific equipment, augments can be upgraded by collecting RP, but we're planning to make it so that you can select from several patterns. Also, there isn't any aftermath effect. Please look forward to what kind of augment can be attached.

      We discussed future upgrades for the Relic, Mythic (including Ergon), Empyrean, Ionic weapons (RMEA weapons). In order to upgrade these weapons, you'll need to flag them for an upgrade.
      Each of the RMEA weapons is tied in with each of the Dynamis areas. You will need to accumulate enough damage towards the Wave 3 boss monster equipped with the same weapon you would like to flag the weapons for an upgrade. Please refer to below for weapon types and areas associated with them.
      Type Dynamis Area
      Relic Dynamis-Windurst (D)
      Mythic/Ergon Dynamis-Bastok (D)
      Empyrean Dynamis-Sandoria (D)
      Ionic Dynamis-Jeuno (D)
      *Please note this excludes Relic: Aegis, Gjallarhorn / Empyrean: Ochain, Daurdabla / Ionic: Srivatsa, Marsyas
      Here are the requirements to upgrade the RMEA weapon
      • In order to upgrade, you'll first need to flag them
      • To flag the weapon, you'll need to accumulate enough total damage against the Wave 3 boss monster equipped with the corresponding weapon. (Example: For relic weapon, you'll need to accumulate enough damage against Wave 3 boss monster in Dynamis-Windurst (D)
      • There aren't any restrictions, such as whether the damage needs to be physical or magic damage. Furthermore, damage dealt by your party and alliance members will also count towards the accumulation.
      • Since the July version update, the total amount of damage is recorded onto the character itself.
      • You do not need to equip, possess the weapons you would like to upgrade
      • You do not need to be on the job of the weapon you would like to upgrade
      • Upgrade will become possible around September
      During the broadcast we mentioned that this system requires some time until implementation, there may be a change where we will change the system or make additions to them. We're currently discussing to see if we should make it possible to upgrade them solo as well.
    • Battle Content: Ambuscade

      To give it a summer feel, playes will go up against the Cracklaws in the second volume of Ambuscade Primer. This time, players will need to deal an equal amount of physical and magical damage in order to make the fights manageable. Please give it a try to figure out a strategy.

      For the first volume of Ambuscade Primer, players will go up against the Yagudo. We have selected the Yagudo, as we introduced the new lockstyle equipment, the Yagudo polearm. This was a request made by one of our community team members in Japan, and you'll now be able to earn Hallmarks from points accumulated. Aside from equipment, we have prepared items until December based on the beast tribes you confront in the Intense Ambuscade. Please look forward to what new lockstyle gear will be introduced in-game!

  • Over Picked Vana'diel
    Last time, we revealed some information on upcoming events during the sixteenth-year anniversary, but we have more coming down the line.
    • Battle Content: A.M.A.N. Trove
      The Adventurer's Mutual Aid Network (A.M.A.N.) have prepared some treasure trove for our adventurers. This is scheduled for implementation in August. To simply put, in this content, players will open boxes. There are ten boxes available, and one is a dummy box with strong monsters hidden within. If the monsters spawn, you'll need to defeat them to be able to leave the field and take the items back with you. Players can freely choose how many boxes they would like to open. Players will find new accessories that can only be obtained from this content, as well as equipment from the Geas Fete, and materials from Delve.

      Players will be able to enter this battlefield using an orb obtained by exchanging the silver vouchers, which is planned to become available by exchanging through Record of Eminence.
    • Shadow Lord Event
      We're going to hold a special in-game event related to the Shadow Lord. During this event, players will be able to obtain a two-handed sword that resembles the one the Shadow Lord wields. This is scheduled from Thursday, August 30 to Sunday, September 30, so we still have some time, but hope you'll take part in this event.

    • Screenshot Campaign
      We're planning another screenshot campaign. This time themed around "summer." And talking about summer, summer in FFXI is the Sunbreeze Festival. As an award, players will receive a Uka statue. Be sure to add this to your collection if you have collected Murmor and Ullegore statue and set them up together.
    • Summer outfit schedule for August
      We prepared a new swimming outfit to beat the heat of the summer. This will be the key item for the August Login Campaign (not July). We'll have separate swimming outfits for males and females.

  • Fujito's /Shout

    →Celestrial Nights
    Take part in the Celestial Nights event, which is going on until Monday, July 16 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT) / 14:59 (GMT) / 15:59 (BST).

    →July 2018 Login Campaign
    This time around, you can obtain the Zanmato, a weapon introduced in various FINAL FANTASY series.

    →Battle Content Campaign Redux
    This campaign is aimed at those who have returned to FFXI around May, so they can prepare their equipment.

    →16th Vana'versary Mog Bonanza
    The winning numbers will be announced on Tuesday, July 17 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) / 8:00 (GMT) / 9:00 (GMT). Be sure to check in-game to see if you've won!

During the show, we mentioned the next Freshly Picked Vana'diel will be in September, but it may be a bit earlier. We'll continue to strive to deliver fresh information, so please continue to support us.

Until then, see you!