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    Unable to receive the Temple Knight key, after trading Sealion and Coral Crest keys

    Platform: Windows
    ISP: Comcast
    Type of Internet Connection: CATV
    Internet Connection Speed: DOWNLOAD 97.73 Mbps UPLOAD 30.63 Mbps
    Date & Time: June 10th, 2018
    Frequency: Once (did not reproduce)
    Character Name: Lakia
    Race: Mithra
    World: Leviathan
    Main Job: Thief, lv. 76
    Support Job: Dancer
    Area and Coordinates: Tavnazian Safehold (I-10)
    Party or Solo: Solo
    NPC Name: Quelveuiat
    Monster Name: none
    Trying to finish CoP mission 4-3 The Secrets of Worship solo.
    I went to the Sacrarium, and found the Sealion and Coral Crest keys. Once these keys were obtained I went to Quelveuiat in the Tavnazian Safehold, and immediately undertook and finished the quest; A Hard Day's Knight. After completing this mission I traded the Sealion Crest Key and the Coral Crest Key in hopes of receiving the Temple Knight key. However, Quelveuiat did not give me the key.
    Since I have traded these keys I have also tried to farm them again, in order to try and trade them again, however the keys will not drop now.

    The item is NOT in my Key Items list!
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    Have you verified that the "Temple Knight key" is not listed in your Permanent Key Items list? It's a KI, not an actual item.
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