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    R0s occuring in port jeuno and Norg

    Platform: Windows
    ISP: Spectrum
    Type of Internet Connection: CABLE
    Internet Connection Speed: 30Mbps
    Date & Time: May 18, 2018 0318 HST
    Frequency: Intermittent
    Character Name: Voicememo
    Race: HumeM
    World: Asura
    Main Job: BRD 99
    Support Job: WHM
    Area and Coordinates: anywhere in port jeuno or norg
    Party or Solo: tested both party and solo, it occurs
    NPC Name: None
    Monster Name: None
    Steps: Just idling in port jueno or norg and am receiving intermittent R0s. Have tested internet connection with constant ping to google with zero loss. Internet seems stable on my connection as am able to browse to other websites while ffxi is in windowed mode.

    Have tried complete shutdown of ffxi and logging back in and the intermittent R0 still occurs.

    Tested zoning to lower jeuno and no r0s were observed. Zoned back into port jeuno and observed R0s occurring again
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