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To coincide with the May version update, Producer Akihiko Matsui hosted another Freshly Picked Vana'diel to go over some of the new content and discuss other topics pertinent to adventuring. The following is a digest of what was discussed.

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Hello, Matsui here.

Thank you for tuning into Freshly Picked Vana'diel 39.
Once again, we had our broadcast before the version update. We focused on the May version update details, as well as other information.

We've put together a digest and an archived video for those of you who were unable to join us for the broadcast, or simply want a recap on all of the information.

Table of Contents
  • Version Update
    This segment of the show focused on the major aspects of the May version update. May marks the beginning of the sixteenth anniversary as well, so we talked about some of that as well.

    • Battle Content: Ambuscade
      Director Fujito challenged the latest Ambuscade! Be sure to check out the video to see the outcome.

      In the normal version of the Ambuscade, players will go up against imps. Also, May is the month for the Feast of Swords event, which involves samurai, therefore we made it so that samurai job will have advantage this time around with their Demon Killer trait. We believe samurais will have some advantage against the mechanics as well. When the imps blow their horns, they can summon will summon more monsters that players must defeat, so the key is to taking care of them quickly.

      In the Intense Ambuscades, the goblins will make their return.

    • Policy for Ambuscade Moving Forward
      We'll continue to make updates towards Ambuscade every month; however, for the Intense Ambuscades, we'll be bringing back previous foes.

      There is two reasons for this. Firstly, we would like to put in the development resource to develop new content and systems.

      Development resources that were used for Intense Ambuscades will be used to expand upon Dynamis-Divergence and Master Trials.

      We are considering adding weapons to Dynamis-Divergence that are as powerful as the strongest weapons currently available, as well as further upgrading Relic/Mythic/Empyrean weapons.

      As for the other reason, we would like to reduce the time cost for players.

      Having looked at the initial clear data for Intense Ambuscade every month, we believe the participation and clear rates are lower than expected. It seems that it takes a while to start earning points.

      Additionally, while Ambuscade was the main content when it was released, other content have been thriving since then, and it seems players end up spending their playtime elsewhere.

      Of course, we will continue to have monthly updates for Normal mode, so we hope that you continue to enjoy the new battles we prepare there.

      Also, regarding the addition of the lockstyle gear exchange that was requested by one of our community rep, we have received the specifications from the Community Team. It should be ready by this summer. The equipment will have brand new model, so please look forward to it.

    • Quests to Upgrade Alter Egos
      Quests to increase the maximum level of alter egos will be implemented.
      For details such as quest requirements, please see the May Version Update.
      The quests involve a series of Record of Eminence quests where you will be earning 150 job points with your alter egos.

      As you are actually earning capacity points, you will be able to proceed as a Job Master.

      It may seem a little overwhelming, but at every 50 job points (50/100/150) you will receive alter egos that are obtainable from Sinister Reign, Cipher: Ingrid II, Cipher: Rosulatia, and Cipher: August, so feel free to progress at your own pace.

    • Upgrading Alter Egos
      The strength of alter egos is determined by the average item level and number of members (excluding the alter ego) of a party.

      You will be able to progress solo, but partying with others will be more beneficial. We hope that you take this opportunity to band together with others.

  • Over Picked Vana’diel
    We have some upcoming news that is too far off to call “fresh”, so we’ve put together this section.

    • New Weapon Models
      We showed off some equips that are currently in development.
      (Some of you may know it as the “blue Blurred Lance”.)
      One of the challenges we’re taking on this year is creating new models.
      There are quite a few equipment planned, so please look forward to it.

    • Anniversary Event “Premium Mooblin Battle”
      This is a new event to commemorate our 16th anniversary.
      The event will be available until May 31 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)
      We have various rewards available, such as the Cornelia Statue, so we hope you give it a try.

    • Limited-Time Rewards Added to Return to Delkfutt’s Tower
      Our community rep mentioned that “Kam’lanaut seems bored nowadays,” and so we have prepared another fight between him and our adventurers.
      For a limited time, you can obtain lockstyle gear that have the appearance of Kam’lanaut’s sword and shield. This will be available starting Friday, June 1.

    • 16th Anniversary Mog Bonanza
      This time, Brave Blade II will be added as a new reward.
      For the announcement date and sale period, please refer to the Mog Bonanza page.

    • May 2018 Login Campaign
      The featured prize for the May 2018 Login Campaign is a ♪Coeurl mount.
      We showed it off in-game, so be sure check out the video.

    • The Spring Alter Ego Extravaganza
      The campaign will be available until May 31, at 7:59 a.m. (PDT), so be sure to check it out!

    • Return Home to Vana’diel Campaign and Discount Campaign
      Return Home to Vana’diel Campaign: Until Monday, May 28 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT).
      Discount Campaign: Until Thursday, May 31 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT).

    • Adventurer Appreciation Campaign
      The campaign will be available in three parts, and assists both players currently playing and those returning to Vana’diel.

    • Only in Vana’diel Screenshot Campaign
      Another screenshot campaign, the Only in Vana’diel Screenshot Campaign is now underway.
      Show us your unique moments that can only happen in Vana’diel by submitting on the forums.

We will try our best to deliver as much as we can throughout this 16th year, so please continue to support us.

The next Freshly Picked Vana’diel is scheduled for July.

Until then, see you!