I think it would be a good idea to create dispensable Shurikens from the RMEA weapons: Kikoku, Nagi, Kannagi, and Heishi Shorinken.

I recently posted about the issue NIN has with the Sange ability and possibly losing very rare and expensive shurikens (that we only possess one of). Every other ranged job has the ability to dispense ammo on the go, which effectively cuts their costs and allows them to always have a supply on-hand for use. I understand that NIN is not particularly a "ranged job" but a much of it's damage over time comes in conjunction with the Sange ability, and the passive Job Trait Daken. Since Ninja is a hybrid between balancing melee strikes with shuriken throws, would it not be reasonable to create a dispensable shuriken per weapon? This would effectively eliminate the need for ever running out of shurikens or throwing away rare ones, and give RMEA owners a way to increase their dps through their ammo. Non RMEA owners can still buy shurikens at the vendor, so that would not harm anybody.

Please consider.