Platform: Windows
ISP: Cox Communication
Type of Internet Connection: Cable
Internet Connection Speed: 150 MBps
Date & Time: 12/25 8:00 am PDT
Frequency: 1
Character Name: Kittyzilla
Race: Mithra
World: Bahamut
Main Job: Thief
Support Job: Dancer
Area and Coordinates: Castle Zhval Baileys (Switchstix)
Party or Solo: Solo
NPC Name: Switchstix
Monster Name: NA
1. Traded items to NPC (Dynamis Dagger and Attestation of Celerity)
2. Talked to Switchstix again and he said he needed the Currencies
3. Zoned did some things and came back thinking I was buying maps for Dynamis areas (I realize now he does not sell them)
4. When I spoke to him I did not read the question correctly and he kept my items permanently and cancelled my Relic Upgrade.
5. I realize this may not be a bug but I lost a lot of work and time on that Dagger
6. I called in game GM and they said report here

Please help me and maybe make that a non permanent loss for people, thats alot of chance for people to lose all the hard work they put in.