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Thread: Storage Slips

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    Storage Slips

    Please, for the love of goodness, change storage slips to a KI based storage like can still be used with the NPC Taulenne in North sandy for certain full sets of gear.

    If this can't be done then honestly at some point we're going to need a storage area just to hold Storage Slips. Perhaps a "free" Wardrobe type storage that we can store them in?

    New storage slips have been added.
    Storage Slip 26: Relic equipment of item level 119 +2
    Storage Slip 27: Relic equipment of item level 119 +3

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    This would free up a good 12-15 slots. I was trying to upgrade all my AF, Relics, and Emp to the max just so I could finally throw away the lesser ones. Of course that means I'll lose my AF weapons that are also stored, but it's not like they're of much use anyway at this point T_T
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