Hello to anyone that stumbles upon this post.

We're 2 new players that have come to the land of Vana'diel to adventure and have fun whilst progressing. We're looking for an active LS to call home as its rather lonely playing on our own. At present I am levelling a BRD (which is lvl 75) and my partner in crime is on RUN (also lvl 75).

We have progressed in the game on our own with no power levelling assistance and have a basic grasp on the game but would love to learn more and see more of the content.

Being in the UK we would ideally like a UK/EU LS but would not rule out any LS if there were active members when we play (normally evenings around 8pm onwards GMT and weekends as much as possible).

If anyone can home us or give us any pointers tips we would greatly appreciate it.

/tell Tamtara in-game if you need any further info.

Thank you for your time.