Well as title suggests improvements these are what i like to see. First off uncap pets like smn and pup can put it on a back piece or guttler. 2nd is fix the bug with our JA when u stand on pet+mob and it says out of range... Se u better fix that. 3rd id like too see more jug pets like puks um the crabs that can use mega scissors dhalma ooh and buff boar jug and give barreling smash back. 4th more master+pet gear as it is u cant gear for both and swaping sets isnt much of a option if you are gonna dd as your going to be runing away from bad aoes and hiting ready macro nit much time for u to hit anything and by the u get tp to ws ether you are dead or pet is dead due to range bs saying your out of range for reward and... Dawwln muslems not able to stack sooooo wont take many. SE if u see this please consider few of my ideas