Nyarlko I'd enjoy you showing you what I mean by BLM is pretty much invincible.... that's the reason to cleave on it.

Mewing Lullaby is also 100% accuracy (except apparently a couple of mobs made specifically to counter it) and is a full reset regardless of it's TP, isn't as squishy as underlevelled Fargan and yeah lower timer.

I like your idea, actually the abillity to change pets more freely would be nice, but I still think our biggest issue is being hamstrung by distance, though, and a KI change could be interesting too, I'm not opposed to new pets, but I just think we have bigger issues, player survivability, JA timers, chained to non-ilevel gear, being unable to be effective on both master and pet as melee (due to buff and gear incompatability) are real killers here.