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    Quote Originally Posted by Selindrile View Post
    Regardless, even in my original posts, I was calling Bst close enough to be competitive in terms of cleaving, this really has all side-tracked from my whole point, which was that outside of cleaving, Bst is not in a reasonable position for other content, and thus a more systemic change is called for, to fix the more worrisome problems Bst has that I mentioned.
    BST is still quite capable of beating the heck out things with jug pets. Our damage potential has not been touched at all, even when the poorly thought out distance nerf was implemented. Yes, I'd like new jugs. No, I don't think that's at all urgent, and that some other actions should definitely be worked on first. Even just the simple change I suggested to reset CB/BL when pets are dismissed at 100% HP would go a long way towards opening doors back up for us in group content, and while it would benefit our groups as a whole, it wouldn't break the game or trivialize content in any way.

    As far as unnerfing goes.. If the devs are still too scared of butthurt backlash to fully restore our JA range, then at least everything that's not Ready should be at least the same range as Fight. They'd need to swap our Fencer out for Dual Wield, and give us some sort of job trait to prevent our pets turning to trash if we gear for master stats, if they have any intention or expectation at all of backing up their reasoning for why we were nerfed in the first place.
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    What needs to be fixed is the out of range bug where iam standing on both my pet and the thing iam fighting saying out of range... When i use ready 2nd is more master+pet gear 3rd is the bs se did with af set effects smn gets the set effect for there pets and master wth doesnt bst or pup get that too??? And bst needs the break pet cap like both smn and pup can idk why se left bst off of it (pup ambuscade cape pet lvl+1 nirvana 119 pet lvl+2)

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