Hey guys. I came back after a long hiatus (played from 2003 - 2010, stopped during college around the 90 cap), on the Asura server. I brought my bf with me, and we've spent countless hours reading up on all the new stuff: Alluvion Skirmish, Delve, Wildskeeper Reives, High-Tier Mission Battlefields, Ambuscade, Escha, Sinister Reign, Unity, Voidwatch, and Omen.

Currently I have THF, BST, and PUP up at 99 and we were fortunate enough to have someone help us a bit at the start by taking us into Escha Zitah to fight some T1 and use the elixirs to upgrade a little bit - he also took us into Ambuscade and helped me grab a weapon from Oboro using Beitetsu and all that junk.

We took a break and now he's doing his thing, which is cool, but our problem is we just don't really know where to go from here. We know Omen is the very end game for us, but we don't know the steps in order to get there.

I'm currently looking to main PUP, using:

Weapon: Ninzas +2
Head: Espial cap
Body: Naga samue
Hands: Espial bracers
Pants: Otronif brais +1
Feet: Naga kyahan
Neck: Tiercel necklace
Belt: Moepapa stone
Back: Karagoz Mantle +1
Earring 1 & 2: Dodge Earring
Ring 1: Airy Ring
Ring 2: Warp ring....
Ranged: Eminent Animator (115 puppet)

Bf is playing BLM. We're at 0 Job Points, and I know one of my goals as PUP is to make it to 1200 for the elemental capacity bonus to my automaton, but we've been told before we even get into a CP party we need to have some decent gear.

I'm following this guide for my end game gear goal: https://www.bg-wiki.com/bg/Puppetmas...uide#0_JP_Sets

The only problem with that is it doesn't really give you a concise route on how to get there since obviously those gear sets are BiS. I'm almost 100% complete on my automaton parts so that's a small victory.

Someone in bf's linkshell told him our very first step should be completing every single story line and nation rank to 10 in order to gain an insane amount of +% capacity earning, so we're onto this right now because it's the only option attainable for us currently.

** We don't mind the slow progression in order to catch up to everyone, I just wish I had a more outlined roadmap order in how to progress. The BG wiki is super helpful, but it omits a lot of key information on how to progress through all the content, even with it's "Fresh 99/RoE Intermediate Quest/119 Gear Guide".

TLDR: Where do baby fresh scrubs go from 99 in order to work up to Omen content? Could someone summarize it in a nutshell?