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    Hidden Luck (LUK) stat

    Okay SE, Give it to me straight. Do we all have a hidden luck stat that also effects things like crits, block rates, drop rates? Because against everyone else it's either I just have really horrible natural luck, or you guys have my luck stat set to 0 or NULL.

    This is more of just venting from someone who spends 4+hours to get 8 Raider's seals in Abyssea. Even without procing, with TH6+ it shouldn't take that long to get 8 seals.
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    Doing abyssea and not proccing?
    Yes, it WILL take that long to get 8 seals.
    TH4(anything past 3 doesn't matter) + yellow proc 99% of the time took me nearly TWO hours to get 8 caller seals. That was a fluke and the rest of the set took like ~30-45m each but even with yellow it can take almost 2 hours, it's obscene.

    Do yourself a favor, and never do abyssea without having 95% of procs covered at all times AND TH2 at least. It will NOT be an enjoyable time.

    If you only brought TH and no procs because of the awful horrible guide on the crappy wiki, then I'm sorry, as you can see, that wiki is bad.
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