This matter has been a concern for a long time now.
The Sorcerer's Tonban and Sorcerer's Tonban +1 offers a very nice +5% potency on spells that shares element with day. it reads;
"Elemental magic affected by day"
But when the relic Sorcerer's Tonban are upgraded from +1 to +2 , they loose it!
When reforged, the nice ability is still not coming back.
Is it possible to please restore that ability to the reforged Archmage's tonban?
The Lv75 Sorcerer's Tonban +1 are offering a nicer boost, but on rarer situations, to macro in than its reforge +1 counterpart, the Archmage's Tonban+1.

Thank you for considering this matter.

I already reported this matter years ago and it was supposed to be fixed, maybe it was forgotten about?