Platform: Windows
ISP: Comcast
Type of Internet Connection: Cable
Internet Connection Speed: 32Mbps
Date & Time: November 30, 2017 9:20 PM EDT
Frequency: Once
Character Name: Mischief
Race: TarutaruM
World: Bahamut
Main Job: Black Mage, Lv.99
Support Job: Red Mage, Lv.49
Area and Coordinates: Dynamis - San d'Oria [D]
Party or Solo: 18-player Alliance
NPC Name: None
Monster Name: Aurix

1. We had entered Dynamis - San d'Oria [D] and had successfully defeated Aurix when we found another Corporal Tombstone with no glowing eyes (tombstone in the middle of three moving back and forth between the archways underneath the Westgate entrance).
2. Upon aggroing this Tombstone, Aurix spawned again, but with zero health. He could not be engaged or affected in any way, even by area of effect attacks, and he did not move or attack. Spells we attempted to cast on him directly simply wouldn't start casting, and abilities would not activate.
3. After a few seconds, Aurix suddenly recovered roughly 10% HP and used Bomb Toss, but then stopped acting (did not move, attack, or attempt to use a TP move) for the rest of the instance. We still couldn't attack him in any way.
4. We decided to ignore Aurix and defeated the Overseer's Tombstone. After this, all of the remaining orcs and tombstones despawned, but the next wave never spawned in and we received no time extension.
5. Aurix did not despawn along with everything else, and he was the only enemy left in the area. With no time extension and nothing to attack (we still couldn't affect Aurix), there was no way to progress or do anything. We timed out shortly after.
6. We did still receive spoils from defeating the Overseer's Tombstone (including title, though no personal spoils), and unlocked the +3 Reforge option for the jobs we were playing.