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    To the devs: Why won't you nerf summoner?

    Hello, developers of FFXI(hopefully). I am VERY interested in knowing your reasoning for not nerfing summoner in the slightest these past 7 months. This job can press astral conduit, spam it's most powerful blood pacts and completely obliterate every boss in the entire game effortlessly from a safe distance immune to 100% of any bosses mechanics in 30-60 seconds. This one job has completely neutered and turned every "challenging" boss in the game into a complete joke - there is no challenge anymore if you simply bring at least 2 buffed summoners with geo/cors buffing them and debuffing the mob.

    It really is not fun for a class to be so powerful that there is simply no challenging content left in the game. No other job in the game has the power to simply completely trivalize all of the bosses in this game and kill them in 30-60 seconds.

    Sitting max distance out of 100% of bosses mechanics while you kill them in 30-60 seconds by spamming blood pacts is NOT fun for a lot of people. This is borderline cheating and gamesharking the game. Things like this have no place in a MMORPG.

    Please, I beg of you, developers of FFXI, remove astral conduit from the game until you have time to rebalance it and fix summoner. If you won't remove it, or nerf summoner for SEVEN months(that's long), can you please explain why you're allowing this one job to completely destroy all challenge in your game?


    To add to all this:

    If you aren't allowed to get an aeonic from brew killing NM's why are you allowed to get them from AC burning them? AC burning is literally easier and faster.

    I'll quote someone here:

    I'm pretty sure conduit is so damn broken its even faster than brewing.

    Ive brewed WOC and it takes around 2 minutes give or take... conduit with 2 smns takes around 30 seconds. (never brewed albumen)
    So explain why something stronger than brewing is allowed but brewing isn't allowed for kill credit. Brews are LITERALLY game shark, what does that make AC burning? Beat the game button?

    Beat a game button:
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