Hello, everyone!
Matsui is away today, so I’m here to give you a rundown of the August version update.
I’ve got the information he’d like us to convey, so let’s get down to it! Here’s what he has to say:


Greets, everyone!
Matsui here with the usual version update roundup.

The August version update is coming to you a little earlier than usual this month: on the 3rd. It feels like July’s update just arrived, but we’re already heading into August! Though the development period may look short on the surface, August contains a lot of content that we have been working on in the background and are finally ready to present to you. Here’s the skinny!

The biggest item for this month is the variety of adjustments to monks. Some abilities have been greatly revamped, so I recommend whacking a few less threatening foes before heading into more difficult content. The team is very interested in hearing your feedback about the changes, so head over to the forums when you’ve had a chance to play with them a bit.

For Ambuscade, we’ve decided to give August a bit of a summer flair with some fresh greenery. And what’s greener than...morbols! I’ll even give you a hint for dealing with these foes: When it comes to vegetables, it’s important to keep a balanced intake.

The update also brings about some adjustments to certain equipment and a bit of a change to keys that we’ve heard people clamoring for on the official forums.

The complete list of August additions and adjustments can be found below. As always, this list lays out what we’re aiming to put in for August, but last-minute issues may arise that push off some of these items to future updates.

Content and System-related
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and OverviewIn-progress TaskNotes
AugustAmbuscade・Add new notorious monsters-
AugustAmbuscade・Replace reward items-
AugustRecord of Eminence・Replace objectives-
AugustPorter Moogle・Add to the list of supported items-
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and OverviewIn-progress TaskNotes
AugustMonk・Adjust certain abilities-
AugustAlter ego・Increase the damage values of certain alter egos-
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and OverviewIn-progress TaskNotes
AugustSynthesis・Add new recipes-
AugustSynergy・Add new recipes-
AugustItem・Add new items-
AugustEquipment・Adjust damage values and delay on certain equipment-
AugustEquipment・Adjust attributes on certain equipment-
AugustVana’diel Adventurer Recruitment Program・Add/change bonus items-
AugustQuiver・Add ammunitions which can be bundled-
AugustCoffer Key・Adjust purchasing conditions-