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    Time for a change....DEVS!


    So, it's become apparent that automatons are exceptional at skillchains. The issue is in today's game, the timing is absolutely terrible and tends to make the job useless in larger groups... no matter what build the automation is on.

    Perhaps it's time to readjust Tactical-processor to fit with the speed of 'end game', give melee/ ranged builds an innate ability (with processor boosting the action scans further). Perhaps the ability to choose particular skills in order to make inhibitors or speedloaders more worthwhile opposed to holding TP throughout a 3+ minute fight and maybe lucky enough to get one skill in when there are multiple DD.

    Ultimately as it stands, the current state of attachments are detrimental to group play.


    We've gotten significant amounts of equipment which enhances magic accuracy and attack. Unfortunately most of which comes from acquiring yet another herculean set. Nothing for magic burst/II damage. It seems that was a direction to be taken up with Ambuscade capes but went no further. Why?
    The Automaton can be skilled 50+ points beyond our highest tier nuke without Nibiru Sainti/Karagoz Legs/Naga Kyahan (+83), yet no T6, no AOE, no AM...why? The A.I. also seems to have trouble identifying scission by attempting to burst with thunder...every..time...


    Where to begin..I suppose a thank you is warranted for some of the stats on heyoka, but without and additional hate grabbing abilities (sentinel in particular), nothing to reduce the readiness of abilities already in pace, and the now obsolete assistance from the master in grabbing hate; what is the sense in having enmity for pets here without backing it up with something else?


    Seriously... Just play it for yourselves to see everything wrong with this.


    Time to update the RDM spell list. Don't you think?


    With the looming monk update on the horizon, it'd be really difficult to justify not updating H2H altogether. Without fixing H2H to be competitive, I'm afraid Monk and Puppetmaster will find the same results it did after the Smite update. The weapon skills need adjusting! There are 2-hit, T1 skillchain property weapon skills with 1 fTP (@3k TP) which can do up to 10x the damage of our 4-6 hit higher fTP skills w/ Triple Attack and Crit Hits activated. Certainly this is not going unnoticed.

    *I'll probably keep updating this as things come to mind.*
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