Completed the new Directive RoE from update and received Ygnas Trust and Key Item Ygnas's leaf this morning, also had Anniversary RoE quests flagged and everything was working fine; when I relogged later on all my RoE quests were now .'s as well as my Ygnas Trust and my Ygnas's leaf Key Item in Permanent Key Items is missing.

Platform: Windows
ISP: Optimum
Type of Internet Connection: Cable
Internet Connection Speed: 50 MPS
Date & Time: July 5, 2017 9:05am EST
Frequency: Always
Character Name: Makenshi
Race: Mithra
World: Quetzalcoatl
Main Job: Ninja
Support Job: Dancer
Area and Coordinates: Everywhere
Party or Solo: Solo
NPC Name: Ygnas (Trust)
Monster Name: None
  1. Tried zoning to a different zone, didn't work.
  2. Restarted game, didn't work.
  3. Tried Check Files, didn't work.