I remember reading that they would work to make sure all jobs played a vital role in ff11 after they announced ROV and the plan for no further expansions. A vital role being at least having the ability to do 1 action properly to join others in 6/6 content Escha t3+.

A few examples of SE making sure RDM can have no desired role in end game:

1. SE never even moved rdm from B+ sword skill to A+ as needed but did seem to think other jobs with A should be increased early on in job adjustments.

2. Changes to Distract III and frazzle III has no effect on rdm in game. Duration increased along with the skill cap it seems. From how i see the new math posted is a longer duration with much weeker effect on evasions. None of SE's changes effected the end game for rdm to date it remains the most left out, left back, broken job in history of ffxi! all agree this is true since SE very first gimp to rdm in 75 days.

3. Clearly SE left out rdm off best augmentable gear to make sure rdm couldnt be fixed to join Escha melee.

4. RDM has no real desired /ja's at all in this game! SE gave it all to BLU being the most OP job in the game. A++ sword, Haste cap, attack cap, OMG SE! what else can you give BLU? i mean i can go ON and ON and ON...... all i want to know is why you do this? why did you betray me and all those for 15 years who wanted to have fun on RDM? instead you offered only hope and lies leading us on till job adjustments became seemingly over. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US?