I'm a person who likes to have multiple things running at the same time, like in this case I would like to keep FFXIV opened while playing FFXI.
But I just can't, whenever PlayOnline or FFXI are open my computer just slows down to a crawl, even windows itself becomes barely usable, I can't search anything because letters get inputted at a rate of about 1 letter every 10 or so seconds. Framerate in FFXIV dips to about 1 fps whenever I move the camera around.
I tried looking around and all I could find are people having issues with FFXI itself, problem is FFXI runs perfectly fine, it's everything else that doesn't run fine while FFXI is opened.
My Specs;
Windows 10 Pro N 64bit
i7-7700k OC'd at 4.7ghz
GTX 1070
16gb of ddr4 RAM at 2400 mhz
It kills my enjoyement at lot because I like to multitask while waiting for something :<