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    Quote Originally Posted by Nefario View Post
    I've got a love of the WHM. As i understand it, the role is still valuable in end game, but i'm wondering if it is really very desirable in CP parties...? I never see anyone shouting for them. If WHM is not a role in CP parties because of the nature/speed of kills, that would make it an oppressively tough class to master.
    We use WHMs, RDMs and SCHs in our CP parties for main healers and I even have a RDM mule on standby in case we can't get one. A main healer is necessary in TP style CP parties because the melee's are taking a lot of damage but the CP gain is far superior to BLMs blowing up crabs. At 1000CP in I was hitting 65K per kill at chain 13 in our location, and chains lasted until 38~40 when it would reset back to 28~30K per kill.

    The biggest piece of advice I can give to people trying to get CP, be creative.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raelix
    Ragnarok's aftermath is only 5% crit rate, even with lv99, so there's almost no point in using Scourge, you just spam Resolution. Even then you become just a boring meathead DD.

    Apoc with both Catastrophe and Entropy gives you crazy sustain of both HP and MP. With the Haste aftermath you can wear a ton of -PDT and solo almost any 75 content.
    Doing damage is for WAR's, DRK is about soloing 75 content yo.....

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    Well I mean first it needs to be understood that JPs are not really the make or break to getting invited to something. It's your gear, weapons, and knowledge of the content mostly. You'll see that in shouts 24/7. "REMA DD's please". JP's are the icing on the cake and it needs to be clear that JPs are just a optional way to take a job even further. Some I Master some I don't bother. If you've complete a lot of the RoE quests after completing the stories you won't get 0 CP bonuses. Not to mention there are a few capes to help correct that, but yeah that's just how it is. Honestly I'm glad the system is how it is because CPing has become some of my most enjoyable content anymore to do. Reminds me alot of the old days how we'd grind up in exp ptys
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