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    Ballad overwrite

    I know this has been brought up before, but it's still an issue. Because of the shorter duration of ballad, there is still the overwrite problem when other songs have longer duration.

    IE. Acc, Acc, March, March all at 5 minutes. Ballad having 4 min 30 sec duration.
    Casting ballad 3 will push the lowest remaining duration song off, but if you cast ballad 2 right after ballad 3, ballad 2 will overwrite ballad 3. Under normal song duration you could wait 31 seconds before casting ballad 3, so that ballad 3 isn't the lowest time remaining, but the issue is when NT songs are performed. You would have to wait 5 min 31 sec to overwrite a non ballad song.

    My suggestion is make ballads, only ballads specific like haste. IE 1 cannot overwrite 2 or 3, 2 cannot overwrite 3. The lesser ballad cannot overwrite the greater ballad. In this way it would solve the ballad issue without the need to add either all songs or ballad+ on equipment.
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