Hello, Recently decided to try end-game for once instead of just hopping from leveling one job to the next and doing old content. I want to learn Summoner and get as much gear as possible before partying and I have always found that soloing difficult content in any mmo to be the best way to learn your capabilities and roles.

I recently started grinding capacity points in Reisenjima, which is turning out to be a great place to learn how to actually play a job and I'm having a lot of fun doing it.
However, I am learning from the ground up as there was no skill required to get to 99 whatsoever and I am at a distinct disadvantage.

Trusts. I Do Not Have Kupofried, Queltada, Amchuchu, August, or Irohoa II yet. I have access to most everyone else though. I normally use Ghesso, Shantotto II, Apururu (Just switched to Yoran-Oran though), Koru-Moru, and Zeid II. But it doesn't seem to be very effective, Ghesso can't even land a hit in Reisenjima for example.

So all that being said, I'd like Suggestions on what Trusts and Avatars to use for soloing a few scenarios in particular.

1. Reisenjima CP Farming

2. High-Tier Mission Battlefields worth doing as a Summoner (I need a Seriphicaller in particular...)

3. Unity Mobs worth doing as a Summoner.