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    Martial arts

    When you implemented the footworks asked us to commenting how it is. with the game running at a completely different pace from 5 years ago, please look into making some change that will allow us to make tp builds while capping delay with haste

    Martial arts is quite powerful trait to allow constant attacks since it brings your melee hits in faster.

    -However there are situations where it becomes more burdensome such as trying to make tp builds, since its added towards your max delay before other speed boost types such as haste, you gain a extremely lowered tp build before you have a chance to try and cap haste. job points further that burden along with certain pieces of gear which means your tp build is lowered further without even asking and have no choice but to sacrifice so much gear for either tp build or acc build.

    -- while you might say its the same as dual wield, it is infact slightly different, dual wield you can atleast mix and match weapons, even off handing a completely different weapon in order to either build for tp (such as double/triple attack or even store tp or higher delay), build for acc(Which opens more gear slots to be used differently), and even building for WSs.

    ---I propose that the ability footworks return to its previous function of dealing a single attack at max hand to hand delay without it being affected by martial arts with 5 minute duration and recast (Or better yet changed to 3 minute recast and 5 minute duration to allow continuous use without it wearing off much like sambas),
    *Since kick attacks from the previous footworks aren't affected by martial arts, this will allow us to cap the delay reduction with haste based gear/magic while still maintaining higher tp build. having this as a ability will also allow monks who wish to use martial arts normally to continue to have it of use while those who wish to build tp sets to have the ability too.
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