Well met, adventurers! Matsui here with the usual rundown.

Early spring is a time when life blooms anew—and a perfect time to ring in a fresh new set of seasons in Vana’diel.

Those that follow Freshly-picked Vana’diel will remember that we’re bringing back some old foes to Intense Ambuscades. We took a careful look at players’ reactions and have decided to bring the Gigas back for round two. Many of you are familiar with how to tackle these foes, so help out your friends who may be seeing them for the first time!

Of course, old content with the same rewards isn’t terribly appealing, so this time we’ve decided to breathe a little bit of life into them. Spoils you can look forward to include new materials to reforge existing equipment to stronger versions. These materials are not exclusive to this month’s Ambuscade rotation, so there’s no need for those of you who might not have as much time to dedicate this month to rush.

We’re also planning some quality of life adjustments to Escutcheons, including a message for craftsmanship gains in the log window—an undertaking that was actually much more difficult to implement than it might seem.

And there’s something else that we know you’ve been waiting for: an alter ego of another Ark Angel! This time Ark Angel MR headlines the Trust Initiative, and the planner in charge really hopes you enjoy what he has prepared.

A summary of items to be added in April is found below. As usual, certain items may not make the final cut if any last-minute issues arise.

Mission and Quest-related
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and OverviewIn-progress TaskNotes
AprilNew quest・Create text
Content and System-related
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and OverviewIn-progress TaskNotes
AprilAmbuscade・Add new notorious monsters-
AprilBattlefields・Decrease the amount of merit points required for exchanging trigger items needed for certain Battlefields-
AprilRecord of Eminence・Add new objectives
・Adjustment to some help text
AprilTrust・Add new alter ego-
AprilPorter Moogle・Add to the list of supported items-
AprilEscutcheons・Display a log when the craftsmanship increases-
AprilGuild point exchange NPC・Display item help
・Assign quantities for non-Rare exchangeable items
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and OverviewIn-progress TaskNotes
AprilAmbuscade・Add new items-
AprilSynergy・Add new recipes-