I have a question that's been unanswered for a long time:

How come some items, for example, Spharai 119 III or Carnwenhan 119 III say something like: Enhances "Counter" effect V or Increases song effect duration V, respectively.

It's been parsed and proven that in the above examples, "Enhances "Counter" effect V" is actually just "Counter" +14 or that "Increases song effect duration V" is actually just Song effect duration +50%.

So why don't they just say that? It's way less ambiguous and misleading.

I really wish they would just get one person to sit down for a whole 8 hour shift and fix all of these silly little things... the game has been out so long, surely someone could have just fixed the help text for all the items like these a long time ago.

I'll do it for free, even. lol.