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    MORE PLAYERS ON CERBERUS PLEASE! While you're at it.. check other servers too, because I get messages from players on others saying they find it difficult to get things done due to a lack of players.

    If you're on a populated server like Asura, Bahamut or Odin .. you can't understand what we are going through. Some players do not want to abandon their linkshells and friends to move to a populated server. It's great if you don't care .. or don't have friends, but if you're like me you want to stay on the same server as people know who you are and what to expect. Much like how I've played with most English-speaking players on Cerb .. so I know what I'm getting. Why should I have to give SE extra money to start over? I shouldn't have too.

    By principle SE should even servers out .. or merge the least populated servers so we get numbers similar to Asura, Odin, Bahamut etc. This would make the game more enjoyable for everyone, and at the same time .. give SE less servers to maintain. All I'd like is an explanation from SE, or at least a hollow "Apologies, but we do not have any plans to merge servers at this time". Some acknowledgement would go a long way, at least if I know for a fact that servers won't be merged.. I can consider moving. I probably won't, but at least I'd have the option.

    Merging Cerberus into Shiva for example .. would be awesome, and I highly doubt congestion would be anywhere near as bad as what Asura experiences at peak times on new content. Playing on Cerberus .. we never have issues with congestion. If you absolutely hate congestion, Cerberus is the place to be. If you want to do Omen.. or an Aeonic, it's the worst unless you understand Japanese and can play at their times.

    We are paying for this service, yet we are not getting the "MMO" aspect. It is up to SE to give us what we are paying for, instead of expecting us to give them more money to fix something for ourselves while everyone else continues to pay for something they are not getting.

    PS: I've seen TONS of players from Asura telling returning players to move there. And then if I chime in and say "come to Cerberus, we need you more", I get ridiculed for asking them to go to one of the quietest servers instead of the most populated. This is a trend which should not be happening, but due to a lot of players on Asura going out of their way to recruit .. it makes it even harder for other servers to find reliable players for their linkshells.
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