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    Orichalcum Survey Assault - absence of zinc ore and orichalcum ore in mining results

    Platform: Windows
    ISP: Consolidated Communications
    Type of Internet Connection: Optic fiber
    Internet Connection Speed: 50Mbps
    Date & Time: Mar. 16, 2017 10:22 PDT
    Frequency: 15 mission attempts
    Character Name: Antisense
    Race: TarutaruF
    World: Ragnarok
    Main Job: Scholar, Lv.99
    Support Job: Thief, Lv.37
    Area and Coordinates: Leujaoam Sanctum assault zone
    Party or Solo: Solo
    NPC Name: None
    Monster Name: None

    • I was attempting the "Orichalcum Survey" Assault mission in Leujaoam Sanctum, which requires the mining of an orichalcum ore to complete the mission with the temporary item "pickaxe" retrieved from the NPC Mulwahah
    • Possible results from mining at various "Mining Points" that are situated around the zone are "You find nothing.", "Your pickaxe (temporary item) breaks!", "Mining is possible here if you have a pickaxe (temporary item).", "[Character name] finds a pebble!", "You can't mine here right now...", "[Character name] finds a zinc ore!", "[Character name] finds an orichalcum ore!"
    • After at least fifteen attempts at this assault mission, where I attempt to mine at each Mining Point until the Mining Point disappears, then move on to the next one, I have accumulated 85 pebbles without ever obtaining a zinc ore or orichalcum ore from the mission, representing over~1000 attempts at mining where I did have the pickaxe (temporary item) and obtained either the result "You find nothing." or "[Character name] finds a pebble!"
    • The complete absence of zinc ore during these series of assault mission attempts may indicate that the assault mission is not working as intended.
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