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    POL Wants to check ALL files with March 9th update.

    OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
    Internet: Windstream DSL 3Mbit

    Usually, when an update lands, POL viewer will usually only check 800-1,200 files, the files that were actually changed during an update (unless it had been a long time since the player last played).

    I logged onto my account on March 9th in the morning, and I had my game up-to-date.

    The update landed late on the 9th, and I am logging on here this morning (the 10th), to find that the update process wants to check all 45,000+ files.

    This takes a very long time to do and seems rather unnecessary and/or to be a bug/unintended behavior.

    I have not modified any game files for any reason, and have not done anything to change anything relating to Final Fantasy XI since yesterday, or even since the last update.

    EDIT: Finally finished the file checking process, 30 minutes later to find a..... 98 file update.
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