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    i would like wyvern mods

    Let us Dragoons have 1-2 equippable slots on the wyvern, so we can make interesting modifications to the wyvern. Make the items that we equip to the wyvern called wyvern soul or something interesting.
    I would like to see elemental wyverns. The item equipped would not only change it to a elemental wyvern but change the color of the wyvern to the element. The benefits of this would be that the wyvern would be 25%-50% more resistant to that element. However the wyvern would take 25%-50% more damage from opposing element and only be restricted to using only the single elemental breath.

    For an instance you equip a fire soul to the wyvern which changes the wyverns color to red, it is now 50% fire resistant, only able to use flame breath during weapon skills and takes 50% more damage from any water attacks.
    The items equipped do not have to only be changing the wyvern to elemental wyverns either. They can be small boosts like boost breaths by 10%, give the wyvern 5% haste, more acc, more att, regen, or increased damage to magic bursted breaths. Even change the way breaths work like have an item that changes us healing breath to an aoe or 5% of the time our wyvern will do a non elemental version Bahamut's Megaflare everytime we weapon skill. Why not use the instincts from monstrosity to equip to the wyvern aswell.

    Just let us make small modifications to our wyvern. If anything change the color. I would love to have a black or red wyvern.

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    i like the idea. its similar to pupetmaster