reading thru the forums looking for something else, i find this little tibbit
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We had a word with the lead developer for jobs and received some information to share.

While this is still in the idea phase and there is no guarantee for actual implementation, one idea for thief adjustment is to enhance their role as a job that controls the flow of enmity. The team is thinking in terms of lowering the recast timer for Collaborator and adding a way to transfer the hate stolen from both Collaborator and Accomplice.

The lead also mentioned that since a reduction of the recast timers for Sneak Attack and Trick Attack would also boost thief’s attack capability in addition to their control over enmity, they would have to look into this very carefully.

Again, please understand that this is all still in the idea phase and the team cannot make any promises at this time. If we receive any further information we’ll be sure to share.
I am wondering if the lowered recast for collaborator and accomplice is still being considered, i would suggest a increase in range for this ability's use as well to allow the thiefs movements not to be limited