LevelDownLOL is an up & running 75 cap nostalgia-drenched Linkshell on Asura! Come join in on the fun, we're having a blast!

We do dynamis, hnms, znm, enm, sky, sea, limbus, salvage, nyzul, einherjar & pretty much anything/everything else!

Current event times are:

LS MAIN events: Saturdays & Sundays 6pm PST to 9 PM pst
Tuesday/thursday Salvage group: 5pm PST
Wednesday dynamis: 5pm PST

"But you're not playing at the true level 75!"
I've had people say if you want to truly play at the old 75 you can't use certain pieces of gear or savage blade since it can do 4k+ damage now. I welcome any and all things currently usable at 75. Fast travel options, mounts, trusts, any gear we didn't have in 2007. Use any of it!

Can I use my item level character to gear up?

YES! Go for it! This isn't about just gearing people up at 75 cap, it's about doing the events for nostalgia and fun! Everything you ever wanted at 75 is available and usually pretty cheap! If you choose to just have junk gear and get it from the events we can do that too!

Do I have to delevel my job to 75?
No! there are lots of ways to work around this. Some people make new characters, or level new jobs (if you leave the job in merit mode at 75, you won't level!) Even at 99 cap, In most areas, we can level sync parties to 75, although there are very few instances where we cannot sync down. Note: 99 gear does not sync well (often times you might only get def stats when synced, lol) but you can still sync and wear 75 gear!

What job should I play?
play whatever jobs you love! While we recommend having options (ranged, melee, support, etc) most members have numerous jobs leveled and gear and we can take anyone on any job!

Where do I get a pearl?

send a /tell to Lordwmd, Kiorin, Imi or pretty much anyone for a pearl!