Platform: windows10
ISP: telstra
Type of Internet Connection:ADSL
Internet Connection Speed: 10mbs
Date & Time: 15/2/2017 9am EST
Frequency: always
Character Name: ausanimal
Race: humeM
World: asura
Main Job: BLU
Support Job: DNC
Area and Coordinates: Bastok markets H-8
Party or Solo: party-2
NPC Name: Wulfnoth
Monster Name: N/A
1.since the update in February, we are no longer able to craft cursed cuirass
2.the npc says that i need:
Fire Crystal
Cermet Chunk x3
Darksteel Cuirass
Orichalcum Ingot
Platinum Chain
Platinum Ingot
Platinum Sheet
3.which was the same as before update to craft it party member has 100+ in goldsmithing and 60 in alchemy which is the skill needed
4.everytime we try we get the massage the combination of materials cant be synthesized.
5.we are unable to craft it since update
6. contacted GM and was told to post on here