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Having played WHM since 2004, I had read, heard, and seen Bar-spells to act in the following ways:

Bar-element: reduces damage, increases magic evasion to resist an element
Bar-status: reduces the length of a status ailment, depending on the situation, and increases magic evasion to resist the ailment

In any content, I notice that when I buff the party with Barblizzard+Barparalyze, instead of 1 minute paralyze, they tend to be 15-30 seconds. I've had complete resists from it before as well.

Same goes for Baraera-Barsilence, and Barearth-Barpetra.

There is no mystery to barspells. Magic evasion is tied to bar-spells.

Have you researced the easily accessible information located at BG-wiki?
Have you followed your own advice? ^^ There are no values listed on BGwiki for barstatus spells because they are such a pain to test. Asking for actual values does not seem like a bad idea to me in any way. I brought up the status resist songs as well, which are very likely to have different values, so again, seems like a good thing to ask.