After a long discussion about inundation on a separate page, we found ourselves stuck in terms of understanding the mechanics of inundation, we received a responce however it lacked the level by level information we needed.
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Inundated by how Inundation works?

I’ve seen data based on player testing, and I can verify that the 1.2x increase per weapon type used in the skillchain is indeed accurate. Including pets, there are 15 total types of weapons, which means that the maximum value that can be reached with Inundation is a 12.8x increase.
while it does confirm 15 different weapon types for increasing damage, we stand confused on if its a 1.2x (which is either 20% or 120% increase) per level which is additive e.g 1.2 +1.2+1.2 etc, or if its 1.2*1.2*1.2* etc. does it multiply or add a 1.2x value to the WS dmg per level

Also, we need to understand what exactly this 12.8x value is? was it assumed that the entire 15 different WSs type would be used in 1 SC set (Which is capped at 6 WSs per SC set) or was it refering to something entirely different such as final damage resulting after calculating SC multiplier?

If possible, please expand on the information on inundation increase per inundation level resulting from each new weapon type added after the opening (1st) WS upto the final (6th) weapon type