Hi hi!

Recently returned player here, have been off and on for a while. I've been going up the gear ladder and get the field KIs for all the delve zones except Kamihr. Now there are some things that are interesting to buy from Forri-Porri, but no good way to farm the plasm for it. Even with a campaign currently running, I haven't really seen any interest in it (though placing CP campaign along with it really gives it 0 chances).

What I'd like to suggest is to open up delve for solo players. People are already doing it (I've seen the youtube vids) and it really only requires you to ask two friends to zone you in and drop out. This leaves newer and returning player in the dust as they are slowly building a network. If we were able to go into delve and just farm the NM (I know I can't solo any bosses at this point), it would help climb up the gear ladder a little more easily.

TL;DR: People are already doing it either with multi-box or friends. It's just harder for new/returning players to run delve with the current 3 person minimum.