Platform: Windows
ISP: Shaw Cable
Internet Connection: CATV
Connection Speed: Very High
Date: All Day today and yesterday
Frequency: Nearly Always
Character Name: Urat
World: Quetzacotl
Area: All areas / Any
Jobs: Any / N/A

Chocobo Stats: Treasure Hunter + Burrow, S rank Discernment + S rank Receptivity

Personal Digging rank: Rank 7/10, Area Delay 25

When using the piece of equipment 'Black Chocobo Suit' and digging, my character experiences powerful negative effects while digging with my raised chocobo.

Without the suit, my digging rates are as follows:

Results Without Suit
Dig accuracy: 82%
'Burrow' Proc rate: ~25%

When using the Black Chocobo suit however, my results become around the following, regardless of the zone I dig in.

Results With Bl. Chocobo Suit
Dig accuracy: 30%
Burrow Proc rate: 0.5% (currently I have only seen Burrow proc once in 200 digs over the last two days)

Effectively speaking my dig success rate has been reduced to nearly a third and Burrow's proc rate has been reduced to almost zero.

If this is an intentional result of the ability of the chocobo suit, it is unclear. I felt it worth reporting these effects however since it seems the suit is actually worsening my digging results, not improving.

If there is some very very rare special effect the suit has that is a trade off for these much lower results, it has not been seen by anyone yet.