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    New Years Event #3 not activated?


    I want to do the event I quoted below but I see no goblins in the listed area, or Moogles at the 6 town locations.

    I also spoke to a GM and they also confirmed that they could not see the Moogle in Bastok Markets.

    I was told to file a bug report here.

    I love doing the seasonal events on FFXI so I hope this can get resolved soon!

    Thank you!

    3) Bring cheer to those in need!

    The moogles have cleverly hidden seven types of Tenshodo trading cards across the land and challenged the Goblins to find them. But the cunning Goblins, determined to come out on top in the contest, have taken to riding chocobos, and that simply isn't fair, kupo!

    These Goblins are on the hunt for patches of "overturned soil," places where the moogles have hidden the cards in the following areas.

    West Ronfaure / La Theine Plateau / Jugner Forest / Batallia Downs / South Gustaberg / Konschtat Highlands / Pashhow Marshlands / Rolanberry Fields / East Sarutabaruta / Tahrongi Canyon / Meriphataud Mountains / Sauromugue Champaign

    What good is a celebreation without friends to celebrate it with? Join a party with your companions and find even more cards for each person you bring alone!

    Moogle locations:
    Southern San d'Oria K-9
    Northern San d'Oria D-8
    Bastok Markets G-8
    Bastok Mines I-9
    Windurst Waters (north side) F-5
    Windurst Woods K-10

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