So I've been playing ffxiv, I came back to ffxi for a free login a while ago and decided to resub.

I resubbed because I was so burnt out on ffxiv's lockouts and timed resets making me feel like I was being forced to play. Then I came to ffxi and it felt like I was playing on my own time. Content like reforging armour, delve, vargary, escha and sinister reign, where the only limit was how many pops you were willing to farm. I didn't feel the mad rush to get everything done, it didn't matter how long I took or when I did it.

Then came ambuscade which single handedly spoiled that feeling. It was back to the mad rush to get the gear before it was gone in a month, I hated it.. now to top it off omen comes with a daily reset which feels like ffxiv's daily roulettes...

My sub just ended and I find myself asking why should I resub ffxi when the thing that drew me back to it is now gone?