Thread Title:
Unable to achieve the full -10 seconds to bloodpact delay using avatar's favor

Frequency:= Always

Character Name:= Frod

Race: Taru


Main Job:SMN 99 & 2100/2100

Support Job:WHM

According to the update notes of the previous update, when it was implemented, Avatar's favor was supposed to give a maximum of -10 seconds to Bloodpact timers at full potency.

I'm unable to break past -8 seconds, No one currently can.

Testing with known potency gear (beckoner's horn +1) and +skill to achieve skill levels 512, 575 and 600. As well as all other relevant and required gear. 512 and 575 are known tiers for favor potency.

The absolute best i've put out stat wise equipped all at once to test this is:
Bloodpact ability delay I: -16 (cap -15)
Bloodpact ability delay II: -20 (cap -15)
Avatar's Favor +3
601 Summoning magic skill (absolute max achievable in this setup would be 619)