Platform: Windows
ISP: Swisscom
Type of Internet Connection: Other
Internet Connection Speed: 100Mb/s
Date & Time: can't remember, like 1-2 months ago
Frequency: always
Character Name: Punchball
Race: TarutaruM
World: Asura
Main Job: Rune Fencer
Support Job: Samurai
Area and Coordinates: Western Adoulin J-10
Party or Solo: solo
NPC Name: Gaddiux
Monster Name: none
1. I unlocked Rune Fencer and did all the quest needed for it including AF,Relic and Emp.
2. I got the Trial Weapon from Gaddiux in Western Adoulin J-10 to unlock the weapon skill Dimidiation.
3. I spamed light skillchains 3x for 1.5hrs or more to hit the 300WS points needed to unlock the weapon skill but i still can't see Dimidiation in my WS list.
4. When I talk to Gaddiux or trade him the Trial Blade, nothing happens which is driving me crazy for not knowing what the real problem is.