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    RDM in endgame

    Was going to make this a reply, but it seems if you don't get a reply from SE in the first week of a thread you never will.

    Still waiting on SE to look into fixing rdm, especially after announcing they are giving brd some attention.

    Many different ways you can fix RDM, obviously not all of them, that would make it overpowered and some of them even contradict others if you attempt to implement them all.

    Rework merit category and pull the spells out giving rdm access to 5/5 versions at all times, making category 2 merits for ja and job trait buffs

    Make merit category 2 be a new tier of enfeeble magic, slow 3, bio/dia 4, para 3, blind 3, phalanx 3 (with -dt II) move all rdm merit spells into scroll spells at a 5/5 potency

    Make phalanx II a % based buff with -DT II to break the 50% cap, each 1 merit can = 2% DT II to a cap of -10% DT II

    Give Dia magic Defense Down as well

    Give Bio Magic Attack Down as well

    Rework the m. acc formula so that over 500 skill doesn't take such a penalty to m. acc

    Give rdm a new tier of enfeebles (Dia 4, bio 4, poison 3 are already in the game)

    Remove the resist of enfeebles on rdm and base the potency off skill/MND combo (you know, like you gave geo so much power with)

    Give rdm faith/bravery, (already in the game no need for new animation) many different things you can do with those such as reflect, eva, m. eva, def+, tp move avoidance

    Give rdm decent melee gear, only job in the game still using skirmish gear for damage.

    Give rdm higher MaB job trait

    Give rdm a few tiers of a new job triat for M. Acc (affinity m. acc)

    Allow lvl 50+ spells to be used with /sch accession (this would promote the need for a rdm main, especially haste when geo haste is stronger and AoE, smn and blu both can AoE haste 2)

    Allow temper to be cast on others

    Rework Enspell 2 (Enfire II; Triple attack (this being triple attack would counter the complaint of temper II becoming target-able double attack instead of self triple attack)
    Enblizzard II; Increase MaB bonus
    Enaero II; Increases both m. eva and physical eva, (both of them since rdm doesn't get a fenrir like enspell)
    Enstone II; Increase def
    Enthunder II; Increased critical hit dmg/chance
    Enwater II; Increase magic accuracy or magic defense (I would personally prefer m. def))

    Fix barspell potency (right now rdm caps at 150 resist with the highest possible enhance magic)

    Give rdm a tp gain down spell like nin has (most fights are revolved around tp moves in this game giving rdm a decently potent tp down spell would increase the need for rdm main on certain fights)

    Bar-stun, bar-doom, bar-light/bar-dark would be nice....

    Maybe give rdm access to AoE enfeebles, again rdm is master of enfeebles, why can't rdm enfeeble AoE but blm can. Sleepga/breakga

    How about a spell to give other jobs fastcast? Cor has a roll, why can't rdm, the fast cast job, give out fastcast?

    Regen 3 already, seriously.... Whm, Run, Sch, Brd, Cor, Geo all get better tiers of Regen, (brd can cast more than one)

    A spell to increase attack/m.attk? Again, why not cor, geo, and brd all have something (brd lacks m. attk) This would balance out the geo only shouts to geo or rdm. Or at the very least those annoying geo x2 shouts to the geo and rdm shouts.

    enhance duration gear is useless, nobody says, "hey that rdm has a lot of enhance duration gear, invite them." Giving geo such a powerful haste killed rdm need for haste 2, giving nuke jobs /rdm convert and Myrkr staff weaponskill killed rdm need for refresh. Honestly don't even think 50 tick refresh rdm would get invited, blm parties just pop ethers, tp wings, aspir 3 and never run out of MP. That is how we clear our helms.

    enfeeble duration gear is utterly useless in comparison to geo debuffs AND rdm not being able to land enfeeble much less most rdm enfeebles are next to useless

    Poison, Bio, Slow, Para, Bind, Blind, and Silence are almost never used due to resist and when/if they do land they do nothing to change the battle since everything is tp based damage.

    The DoT of Dia, Poison, and Bio are pathetically weak when you are talking about nm's with 2mil hp, they don't even make a dent on a 200k hp nm. Seriously by the time you use sabo then poison 2, you could have auto-attacked for more damage than the poison 2 will do in it's duration due to animation lock.

    Quote Originally Posted by Urmom View Post
    My vote is to unnerf saboteur. And make enhance enfeeble effects gear and saboteur work on dia/bio. Bump dia/bio on all tiers by another 5% for rdm main.

    Change all the stupid self only spells to target party member. Also change all make it so phalanx and enspell 1 and 2 count the gear of the caster on cast. Instead of silly things like the target or when you hit
    Quote Originally Posted by Jakuk View Post
    RDM is NOT a party enhancer like GEO, BRD or COR time spent on enhancing should be directed at BRD. If any enhancing magic is added, it should stay as self-cast only. (Sorry just my opinion) Reraise and Regen III would be nice.

    Where RDM really needs a fix is in it's true role, Enfeebling.

    For a start they shouldn't be weaker on NM's and while resistance is possible it shouldn't be complete resistance depending on what SE feels like when they make the NM's.

    I also do agree with your Magic Accuracy trait, could do it +10 for first tier up to +50 maybe.

    Dia III should be at least -20% Defense, 5% more for a Merit spell over Dia II is ridiculous.

    Paralyze II should actually do something on NM's and not actually just seem like a waste of MP.

    Addle II Should reduce Magic Attack Bonus and Magic Accuracy.

    Slow II should also reduce enemy Regain, since they insist on giving them all it now.

    Add Poision III with at least 500 HP/tic
    Personally I would like to see poison 3 at 1k+

    Quote Originally Posted by Shiyo View Post
    Stymie should be passive.
    This 100 times over, stop giving us enhance/enfeeble duration let us focus on enfeeble skill/MND or INT instead of the need to balance m. acc, skill, stat all at once. Make a few minor potency adjustments to some of the spells and this with a potency increase would fix rdm overnight.

    Why doesn't Murgleis have higher m. acc and/or enfeeble potency?

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