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Thread: RDM in endgame

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiyo View Post
    BLU gets -DT II on barrier tusk for up to 57% DT, 50% from cocoon, 25% from MG and it can sub rune or paladin for even more tanky stuff and it isn't a tank

    But only BLU is allowed to be a jack of all trades master of some, RDM is supposed to be jack of all trades master of none!
    Yes, but the way it'd be done for RDM would be.

    Defense +50% (So around 1500 Defense), Then 60% DT, and on top of that they'd block around 70 points of DMG from Phalanx.

    As opposed to BLU who'd get around 57% DT and 1700 Defense.
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