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Flaming crush should just be more accurate, though there might be other changes to it no one has picked up on. Volt Strike and Pred Claw, even the Deathmaws don't really have enough HP. For the multihit ones you want to test on something with tons of HP like an Apex mob. Before the update I couldn't 1 shot insects at Reisenjima #3 every time with physical bps, but now I more than do so. The only aspect of any of this that could be a worse in some way and I'm not sure that it is, is for multihit BPs that the damage carries through on all hits, we might not get the bonus accuracy applied to all hits just the first. So you may be lacking about 100 accuracy on subsequent hits compared to what you were used to, where as before it didn't matter much because 80% of the damage was loaded into the first hit, now every hit matters equally. Shiromochi happens to have 108 accuracy though, so if you're missing I'd try using that. I do not believe there is a single BP that at 0 tp is worse than it was before, so the TP should be seen as bonus imo. The one aspect I will miss is doing physical bps to get TP and Wards/Magic BPs to spend them. It did have the effect of a tp set for the avatar being more desirable now, and this month's ambuscade gear is good for that. It may take some getting used to, but I think the end result of a 15% or more damage boost to even some of our strongest physical bps is worth it and a welcome and appreciated change.

Mountain Buster is one you might try out if you aren't enjoying the carries through hits BPs, it also has damage instead of crit chance or accuracy that it gets from TP now, so for one hit physical bp's it's actually one of the best options now.
Maybe a new Food geared towards SMN might also help. One that has ACC, ATT, MACC, and MAB (I'm guessing that PUP and BST could both benefit from something like that as well.) I'm gonna keep testing some and see what I can do. Maybe a JA to give Avatars a type of regain, or going back to food, maybe one that has Regain for pets(?) Just tossing out random stuff at this point.