So if people remember several months ago SE adjusted pdif caps to greatly increase the melee dmg for basically everything but bst pets which were already that high. Was a great equalizer in damage potential between bst pets and other sources of melee and probably what should've been done instead of the distance nerf but that's a discussion for another day.

Overall was great but some people quickly noticed that ranged was kind of forgotten and some people complained that it made the sharpshot automatom frame kind of useless compared to the melee ones. So that got a quick patch which straight up increased max ranged dmg for it by 60%.

But player ranged was still barely touched. All other physical dmg that uses pdif has been vastly increased to become more on par with bst pets except specifically ranged for players.

Surely this must be a bug/oversight right? Surely it wasn't intentional to raise the physical dmg of just about every job except one of the least played. Surely the slowest form of attacking shouldn't also have lower damage caps right? So to the bug reports... which promptly got sent to "working as intended" with no explanation.

So how is making ranged damage (but just for players pets ranged is just fine) have the lowest damage caps "working as intended"? Is the intent for people to stop playing ranger or just to do weird stuff like melee and spam magical ws and stop using any ranged physical attacks? Because that's what's it's going to cause